Manfred Reiter

Managing Director

20 years as Senior Vice President in the vaccine business; cell bank, process development and manufacturing expert.
Co-inventor of 25 patents.

Dr. Manfred Reiter


Dr. Manfred Reiter, co-founder and Managing Director, obtained his PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences. Manfred has experience in biotechnology for more than 30 years and was engaged in large biopharmaceutical companies such as Baxter Biosciences where he was Senior Director for Process Development of Vaccines and Recombinant Therapeutics as well as in small biotech companies like Hookipa Biotech AG where he was Vice President for Process Development & Manufacturing. His fields of expertise comprise biotechnology, microbiology, cell line development, cell and virus banking, fermentation technology, virus purification, CHO, HEK, Vero and Avian cell line platforms, human vaccine and recombinant protein development, clinical manufacturing, GMP production, gene therapy production platform technologies and CMO management. He has substantial experience and knowledge of technologies and processes utilized in pre-clinical, clinical and commercial development of new biological products and is experienced in scale up and tech transfer to CMOs. Manfred is inventor on 25 patent families in the field of vaccine and therapeutic protein development.

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