About Nuvonis

Our mission is to enable fast development of modern vaccines by fully exploiting the potential of well-characterized cell banks for the production of vaccines and for gene therapy/vector approaches. With our unique cell bank platform, we help our customers to reduce time to clinical evaluation and time to market, and to save money.

Our Team

Manfred Reiter

Managing Director

Michael Tscheppe

Chief Financial Officer

Joachim Seipelt

Business Development

About us

Who is Nuvonis?

Nuvonis is a biotech company based in Vienna, Austria, providing innovative cell banks and technical support for vaccine process development. The Nuvonis team is highly experienced in all aspects of vaccine production, both in small biotech companies up to major international pharmaceutical companies. We have identified several weak points in vaccine production that usually result in significant delays in product development, both on the side of cell substrates and in process development for production. Based on our experience, Nuvonis offers solutions that reduce development timelines, ensure optimal quality and prevent risks in your product development.

The fully characterized Nuvonis Vero cells (GMP) are cultivated without animal-derived media or protease additives and are non-tumorigenic beyond the end of production passage. This cell bank can be licensed for viral vaccine and vector manufacturing to immediately move into GMP production of your product.

A proprietary avian cell bank is growing on microcarrier or in suspension can be licensed for viral vaccine and vector manufacturing.

We are offering proprietary and efficient virus purification processes for the generation of high purity vaccine bulk drug substance with low host cell DNA and protein impurities

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