Nuvonis is a biotech company providing innovative cell banks for vaccine and vector production that will dramatically speed up your development.
Our experienced team provides technical support for virus production processes and vaccine strain improvement.

Nuvonis Vero Cell Banks (R&D and GMP)

Vero cells are widely used for manufacturing of a variety of viruses and vectors. Nuvonis provides “ready to use” GMP Master and GMP Working Cell Banks that were produced under serum and animal-free media conditions. The cell banks are immediately available for GMP manufacturing and are fully characterized including tumorigenicity testing at the end of production level (EOP).

Nuvonis Avian Cell Banks

Avian cells are a suitable for the production of a variety of viruses, such as Vaccinia Orthomyxoviridae, HSV Type I, Pseudorabies, Reovirus, Parainfluenza and MVA etc. Importantly, avian cell lines can be used to replace Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts (CEF) or cultivation in embryonated hen’s eggs. Nuvonis has developed a continuous avian cell line from primary quail cells. Nuvonis Avian Cell Banks are available both for adherent growth and growth in suspension.

Process Development Services

The Nuvonis team is highly experienced in the development and optimization of up- and downstream vaccine production processes. We are offering a proprietary and efficient virus purification process for the generation of high purity vaccine bulk drug substance, meeting regulatory requirements in terms of host cell DNA and host cell protein limits.


Why Nuvonis?

Ready to use cell banks

Shorten your time to clinical evaluation of your vaccine and time to market by 1-2 years, save time and money. Rely on our experience!

Fully characterized GMP compliant product

Minimize your development risks by using a state-of the art cell bank that is fully tested according to national and international guidelines (US FDA cGMP – 21 Code of Federal Regulations, European Pharmacopoeia and ICH guidelines)

Royalty-free contract

No long-term financial commitments. Obtain full independence for all your future clinical & market production needs.

Selected References

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